Herity's first step.

In developing an environment for Seed Investments, NFT market place based on blockchain technology and to give back some of our profits to Charity, Herity Network token HER is a BINANCE SMART CHAIN cryptocurrency.
A 8% sell transaction fee goes to charity and buy back.

The Herity Network’s token utility will be a game changer. Our vision, values and crypto business model, and Charity sharing, make us different from other Crypto projects.
How are we different and why you should invest in HER? :

Full Transparency Legal Company & NGO Setup

1. The HER Token as an Investment Coin on our future Crypto Crowdfunding platform.
The chance to invest like a Venture Capital Investor, where you can get into Crypto Start-ups as a Seed investor before their ICO or Private sale. All of the projects will be checked, vetted, audited and verified, in order to create a perfect investment opportunity for the HER holders. All of the new crypto projects will be listed by individuals that actually need our help.

2. Staking and Farming.
Will provide high APYs that will help you grow your HER holdings. to promote and raise funds for their causes on our Platform. If you know that someone needs your help, however your financials are not perfect, or wish to be ‘’silent’’ when it comes to your charity actions. The Herity Team can make that dream come true, you can post that Charity case / project to be voted by our community in order to help that ‘’someone’’ in need, in record time.

3. Use the HER Token in the first NFT Auction listed on a Charity Platform.
Where HER Investors will have the chance to place bids on different NFTs from world-renowned artists.

4. Use your HER tokens to access the Charity SHOP.
Where you can buy different products.

5. Charity Fundraising Platform
Where you can contribute to a cause and earn money at the same time.You can become an active member of the HER family. Every HER holder will have the opportunity to promote and raise funds for their causes on our Platform. If you know that someone needs your help, however your financials are not perfect, or wish to be ‘’silent’’ when it comes to your charity actions. The Herity Team can make that dream come true, you can post that Charity case / project to be voted by our community in order to help that ‘’someone’’ in need, in record time.

6. Involving several Corporate Companies to purchase the HER tokens.
In order to contract, prepare, organize and deploy their CSR programs (Corporate Social Responsibility).

7. Getting support from VIPs (artists, movie starts, singers).
Who purchase the HER token to run their favorite projects, all done in a fully transparent way.

Rather than having a third party charity doing the actual charity, our community and team volunteers will be directly involved in planning, implementing and running the donation plan, to either other charities, specific places or actual individuals, chosen by our community, all made in transparent way ( videos, documents, plans provided to all ) all made on the first ever multipurpose Charity Project created on Blockchain technology.

9. Helping us maintain and build the most robust charitable methodology.
to make sure that donations have the widest reach across different causes and that we are also ready to support those in need when a sudden natural disaster hits, as well as a social, health, racial, and gender discrimination as well as child abuse, animal violence and nature polution. We are at a crucial time in our history where every choice we make either hurts or helps the collective. Traditional structures are falling apart because they are based on unsustainable principles of hierarchy and exploitation, that’s why we consider the Herity Network to be an ‘’antidote’’ to this ‘’disease’’.

How to BUY HER Token Herity Network
How to find BEP 20 Address Herity Network

What is Herity Network ?

The Herity Ecosystem is an upgraded and better version of the existing fundraising platforms for the new equity blockchain

While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system.

At the end, aiming to solve the diverse challenges faced by beneficiaries of charitable funds and their donors by involving the community in the donation process using blockchain technology truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

And for the first time to attach a business model on a Crypto Project in order to maintain it sustainable for many years, not only days or months as we seen too many times on other Crypto Charity projects.

The Herity ICO

Don't miss out, join our Presale !


Herity contract under development

  • First True legal charity project on BSC
  • 35% - 50% Presale Discount
  • 5% referral bonus
  • HER token airdrop, KYC required, details on social media
  • Anti dump team wallets locked

Token Sale

Herity Token presale will be as following
In order to be compliant with AML regulations KYC is needed for presale stages

Presale 1

Start: Nov 13, 2021 (9:00AM UTC)

End: Nov 23, 2021 (9:00AM UTC)

Number of tokens for sale

Presale 1: 20,000,000 (20%)

Presale 2: 20,000,000 (20%)

Presale 2

Start: Nov 30, 2021 (9:00AM UTC)

End: Dec 11, 2021 (9:00AM UTC)

Tokens exchange rate

Presale 1: 1 HER = 0.025 $

Presale 2: 1 HER = 0.035 $

Acceptable currencies

BNB ( Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 )

Minimal transaction amount

200$ equivalent in BNB

Maximal transaction amount

5000$ equivalent in BNB

Presale 1 ended.
Presale 2 starting soon !

of tokens

Max supply 100,000,000 HER


Our Roadmap

Q2 2021

Developing the project

Q2 2021

Herity Network Project
Gathering Team

Q3 2021

Herity Network
site development

Q4 2021

Company foundation
NGO foundation

Q4 2021

Start Token Sale

Q4 2021

JBC Exchange listing

Q1 2022

HER Staking Farming

Q1 2022
JBC Cross platform utility
Q1 2022
( Matic ) Bridge
Q1 2022

Herity Network
Fundraising Platform

Q1 2022


Q2 2022

Launchpad for Crypto Projects

Q3 2022

CSR Services
for Corporate

Q4 2022

Charity Shop branded items

Q4 2022

3rd Listing on
Tier 1 Exchange

Q4 2022

Auctions platform for NFT

Powered by a team

Herity Network Staff Members

Alexandru Macovei
CEO & Legal

Alexandru Macovei.

CEO & Legal

Herity Network Founder.

CEO , Lawyer.

25+ years legal expert: 15+ years law enforcement, lawyer, 5+years IT legal specialist (VP at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone RO included), AML, GDPR, public procurement & audit specialist, green energy legal expert, antrepreneur, US Singularity University alumnus, US L3X Punk DAO member, crypto legal advisor.

Nicusor Oana
CTO & Project Management

Nicusor Oana

CTO & Project Management.

Herity Network Founder.

Project Management.

15+ years IT experience: 5 years Team Leader IT Support for Daimler, 10 + IT specialist in different companies, Hardware and Infrastructure design, Project management roles, Dell & Lenovo accredited services, Economic University, HR specialization.

Alex Antoci

Alex Antoci


Herity Network Founder.


Sucessful Crypto Investor for 7+ years, BSC Consultant 2+ years, Project Validator and Researcher 3+ years,e-commerce experience +5 years, Antreprenur, Crypto world researcher.

Dan Dumitrescu
Graphic Designer

Dan Dumitrescu

Graphic Designer

Herity Network Team.

Graphic Design.

IT passionate, self-taught hardware and software enthusiast, graphic designer

Petru Sabadac
BSC Software Engineer

Petru Sabadac

Sr. Software Engineer

Herity Network Team.

Sr. Software Engineer. BSC experience.

Blockchain, Android Developer and Cyber Security interest.

3+ years Bitdefender Android Developer, 5+ years Software Designer and Android Developer for several romanian companies, 1+ year iOS Developer Trainee, Studied Math and Computer Science.


Alex Carbunariu
Crypto Project Advisor

Alex Carbunariu

Crypto Project Advisor

Herity Network Crypto Project Advisor.

Blockchain Advising.

10+ years experience as a Staff and Trading Mentor for a top 3 Stock Trading broker In Europe. +4 years in the Crypto world as a Crypto Portofolio Builder, Crypto Business Advisor and Strategy Consultant, CO-Founder for Safe Crypto Advisory Concept, Ex General Manager for Detra startup San Francisco.


Marin Bogdan ‘Toganelo’
Community and Communication Specialist

Marin Bogdan ‘Toganelo’

Community and Communication Specialist.

Herity Network Communication.

Young cryptocurrency addict, dedicated in all things I do. Good communication skills, detail-oriented, ambitious and ready for action.

Herity Network for Charity


The Intersection of charity with Blockchain.

We are at a crucial time in our history where traditional structures are falling apart because they are based on unsustainable principles of hierarchy and centralization of power. The recent health and economic crisis has shown the inherit weaknesses of traditional systems that were long considered stable and unbreakable. As new problems arise, new solutions will surface and we at $HER believe that the cryptocurrency universe is a breeding ground for new, decentralized, innovative and community-led systems that are sure to bring coherent responses to the world’s most difficult issues.


Herity Network NGO.

Our holders can nominate charities through our website throughout the year (charities must meet certain criteria to be eligible- see below for more details) Every month we support charities in a different category (children, environment, education,handicapped individuals, food safety, poverty relief, women, etc) The $HER team reviews nominations and preselects recipients based on pre- determined criteria. We present the preselected charities to our community and we hold a general vote. $HER will donate to larger international organizations. The team will pre-select said charities but the final vote to pick the recipient will always come from our holders. 1.5% for a disaster relief fund This is a cumulative amount that we hold every month as we collect a fund to assist organizations in case of emergencies like hurricanes, tsunamis, forest fires, etc.


Herity Network fundraising platform.

Fields of action: - CHILDREN - ENVIRONMENT - DISABILITY - HEALTH - FOOD & WATER SAFETY - WOMEN - EDUCATION - HOUSING - REFUGEES - DISASTER RELIEF - POVERTY RELIEF - LARGE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION Next steps: Establish charitable methodology. Define charity nomination criteria. Build intake form for nominations. Implement voting and selection procedures. Research large international charities. Set marketing benchmarks.

Frequently Asked Question

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is the specific purpose of the token?

For fast transactions and project utility. Our token will be used in many ways, including but not only for staking purpose - payment methods - platform fuel.

Our main mission is to develop the perfect premium Technology Blockchain based Charity fundrising Platform. In this ecosystem we will change the way fundrising goes in this industry..

We are still developing our advanced charity fundrising platform. The platform is planned to be released in approximatively 3 to 6 months from token launch date.

Herity is an acronym for heritage and charity, and the logo of Janus means new beginnings, new beginnings in charity fundraising.

Airdrop How

To benefit from airdrop users must be in one of the Herity Network Telegram groups to register on the platform and have KYC checked.

Airdrop tokens will be alocated in each Herity user account after Listing.

Bonuses will be transfered after Listing..

The tokens will be distributed as soon as the Presale will end, in a timely matter.

Why did you choose BSC?

In order to make the development as simple as possible, we have selected the BSC Protocol to run our project on.The BSC blockchain is fast, easy, includes low fees and offers flexibility, compared to other protocols.

100,000,000 HER

Since Binance is one of the most popular exchange out there, we will aim our focus onto them as well in the future.


Referral 5%

Don't miss out on our Referral program, have your friends join, and get a 5% Bonus on their purchase.

Referral earnings will be visible in Herity account in real time.

Bonuses will be transfered after Listing.

If you are a Youtuber, Influencer or you wish to promote our project the referral percentage will be 10%

Contact Company
Herity Network SRL

Herity Network Company
Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.